War Shots: 2001 IR/CWCC National Competition (NATS)

1st Scouting Squadron

Held July 22-27 in Johnston, Rhode Island, the 2001 NATS was conspicious in it's lack of Canadians even though we were right on their border. With the Axis again dominating the lake with superior numbers and no re-inforcements from the "Great White North" expected, the Allies quickly saw the light and surrendered after the Monday morning battle. For the rest of the week teams were established, the "Maulers" and the "Rainbow Coalition", so named for their colorful wire-tie "flags."

Working hard to make the Hindenburg look good, and again being one of the largest vessels on the Rainbow fleet and so at sea most of the battle, I didn't get any battling photos at all. But I do have photos of some of the ships that participated.

Dianne Detommaso from Florida was kind enough to send me photos she took when she happened upon our event while on vacation, including the photos of Tim Filemyer's Derfflinger stuck between the bridge pylons.

Battle Photos (by Me)
Battle Photos (by Dianne)

Here is the article I wrote about Thursday at Nats for Hullbusters.



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